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Oskar is a 2 year old diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As he lags further behind his twin sister, his parents redouble their efforts to help him gain key developmental milestones required to avoid the most debilitating symptoms of ASD. Every day offers another clue to the mystery of how Oskar experiences the world in this intimate year- long portrait of a family hoping for the success they had with Oskar’s brother Teddy (9), who has overcome many of the challenges created by his autism.

The film challenges us to join Oskar’s parents as they come to a deeper understanding of the autistic mind. And in this quest they eventually confront an incredible question: “Where does autism stop and Oskar begin?” How can they seek to eliminate his autism if it is in fact a fundamental part of who Oskar is? Should the goal be to make Oskar “typical” or “normal?” What does accepting autism mean, and how does it change what they do as parents trying to help their son?

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