86 min. Documentary

Beyond the Spectrum: A Family’s Year Confronting Autism



Original Air Date: Oct. 17, 2017
CBC Documentary Channel
Air Date: TBD

When their two-year-old son, Oskar, is diagnosed with severe autism, Carly and Stef drop everything for a year to focus on his treatment. Inspired by their success improving older son Teddy’s autism diagnosis, Carly and Stef are optimistic about Oskar’s therapy. But Oskar proves to be very different from his brother and progress is slow and uncertain. Carly and Stef are forced to juggle Oskar’s many treatments and therapies in addition to caring for their four other children. With every set-back they are forced to rethink their understanding of autism as they try to understand Oskar’s perspective.

Alongside director Steve Suderman, Oskar’s family bravely invite us into their home in order to broaden our understanding of what it means to be a ‘normal’ family. Several adults with autism, including Temple Grandin, share their personal experiences and help us gain insight into Oskar’s world.

As they strive to connect with Oskar, they must confront an impossible question: does accepting Oskar mean accepting his autism?

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