6 x 44 min. Documentary Series

Polar Bear Town – Season One

Every autumn, over 1,000 starving polar bears travel directly through the northern town of Churchill, Manitoba to reach their hunting grounds on Hudson Bay. Polar Bear Town is an innovative documentary series that follows the migration of the world’s biggest land predator, the tourists who come to witness the spectacle – and the resulting conflicts it brings with the town’s inhabitants. A combination of gorgeous, behaviour-lead, blue chip natural history and action-packed observational documentary, Polar Bear Town reveals the remarkable relationship that exists between the polar bears and the people of Churchill, Manitoba.

“Takes viewers on an intimate journey to meet the marine mammals that call the area home.” – Jackie Mansky, Smithsonian Magazine

“This beautifully shot series follows the majestic beasts’ migration and the professional guides whose mission is to get their human clients close, but not too close.” – Kathryn Shattuck, New York Times


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