65 x ½ hr documentary series

Recreating Eden

Original Broadcaster

Distributor (Canada & International)

HGTV Canada &
Vision TV
Merit Entertainment Inc

Recreating Eden is a Gemini Award-winning, international documentary series that travels around the world to uncover some of the world’s greatest public and private gardens and reveal the fascinating personal stories of the gardeners who created them.



In the Media

“Recreating Eden is the most extraordinary thing. A sumptuous gardening/biography program, it is not just about spectacular gardens around the world. It is also about the lives of the owners.” – John Doyle, The Globe and Mail
"Recreating Eden…may be just the tonic needed to survive the last few weeks of early spring deprivation…. After four months of bleak, white landscapes, this infuse of color is like a drug.” – Brian Gorman, Tribune Media