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Tutu Much

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Cineplex Entertainment theatres across Canada, Hoyts theatres across Australia and New Zealand.
Kinosmith &
Ballet Girls Inc.
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First Run Features
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Through the eyes of nine young girls from around the world, TuTuMUCH is the behind-the-scenes story of what it takes to become a professional dancer. These young women have been given the chance of a lifetime, a four-week long summer audition to get into a world-renowned ballet school. Which of them will prove to be the dancer the company is looking for? Who will have the passion, the drive and the endurance to make it? And will she and her family be ready to make the sacrifices this demanding world requires? TuTuMUCH is the story of nine remarkable girls and a summer that no one will ever forget.

Co-produced with vonnie VON HELMOLT film




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In the Media

“Talk about pressure! It’s mind boggling to watch these bubbly, confident, outgoing kids jump from valley-girl speak, bursts of laughter and candy raids to somber faces and graceful bodies gliding across the studio to classical music.” – Stacey Lawrence, SEE Magazine
"A raw look at an exclusive world that’s fascinating but mostly invisible." – National Post
“If you’re into dance, don’t miss it!” – Uptown Magazine