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Vietnam: Canada’s Shadow War



CBC - DocZone
[Original air date Mar 26, 2015]

Few people know it, but when it comes to the Vietnam War, Canada was a nation of enablers. While Canada was officially a non-combatant, and welcomed in U.S. draft evaders, at the same time many of its businesses became enthusiastic providers of airplanes, weapons systems and other supplies to the U.S. military, exporting at least $2 Billion worth over the course of the war. A surprising and unflinching examination of how the events of America`s Vietnam War Decade played out in Southeast Asia and here at home.



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In the Media

"It wasn't our war. And yet, in some ways, it very much was." Brad Oswald, Winnipeg Free Press
"All this turmoil is brilliantly captured in the latest must-see documentary" James Bawden, TV Critic
"both shameful and proud moments in what's become known as Canada's 'quiet complicity.'" Cassandra Szklarski, The Canadian Press
"A virtually must-see experience." James Bawden, TV Critic