Surviving:) The Teenage Brain Wins Golden Sheaf Award!

May 27, 2013





Surviving:) The Teenage Brain wins Golden Sheaf Award


The Golden Sheaf Award for Best Documentary Science/Medicine/Technology is awarded to Surviving:) The Teenage Brain at the 2013 Yorkton Film Festival!  Using a combination of outlandish “Jackass” style YouTube videos, new scientific research and a graphic novel approach, Surviving:) The Teenage Brain presents cutting edge research from renowned scientists around the world that challenges preconceived views about the turbulent teen years.  The program originally aired on CBC’s the Nature of Things January 19, 2012.


The 66th annual Yorkton Film Festival was held May 23-26, 2013 in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.


Surviving:) The Teenage Brain is produced by Merit Motion Pictures in association with CBC’s The Nature of Things, with the participation of the Canada Media Fund, Manitoba Film & Music, the Government of Manitoba – Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit and the Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit.

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