Producer and Writer/Director

Erna Buffie


Erna Buffie is an award winning writer/director and a veteran of Merit Motion Pictures and the Canadian film industry. After twenty years in Montreal, where she cut her filmmaking teeth at the National Film Board and in the private sector, Erna moved to Halifax and from there back to her hometown, Winnipeg, to produce with Merit Motion Pictures. Her films have shown in festivals around the world and garnered numerous awards and nominations, including Best Director at The Canadian Screen Awards, best writing at Hot Docs and best short drama at the Genies.

Erna loves filmmaking and the opportunity it gives her to meet amazing people, film wondrous critters, hang out in extraordinary locations with a happy crew and work with the fabulous production team at MMP. Able to write herself into and hopefully, out of any corner, she’s not afraid to speak her mind and has been known to consume more than a few cups of coffee and the occasional cigarette, in the process. A born storyteller with a passion for writing fiction, she also loves making things grow and sharing her lakeside shanty with Brian, her partner of more than twenty years. Her current ambition is to wear pearls, quit smoking and avoid catching lyme disease.