Marketing, Production Manager

Orlando Braun


Orlando Braun came to work at Merit Motion pictures in 2012 as part of the Telefilm Canada Producers Mentorship program. He has been involved in creative Development on a slate of projects, create marketing materials for new and existing programs and develop a festival and digital distribution strategy for the company’s films.

Before coming to MMP, Orlando received his Bachelor’s of Arts in Film at the University of Manitoba and a Masters of Fine Arts in Producing from the New York Film Academy in Universal Studios, CA. He has worked in New York and Los Angeles with Industry professionals such as Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Film, Manage-Ment, Platinum Studios and Film Independent as well as producing several award-winning short films. He embraces cultural differences and participates annually in North America’s largest, longest running multicultural celebration, Folklorama where he has carried out several roles in this Festival/Arts Council including Event Coordinator, Video Coordinator, committee chairperson and Pavilion Ambassador. He loves to encounter new cultures and travel the world to capture these priceless experiences.