Ryszard Hunka


Ryszard Hunka is a Gemini award-winning writer, producer, and director of such films as Ticked Off: The Mystery of Lyme Disease, which aired on CBC’s The Nature Of Things. Previously, Ryszard created episodes for the highly acclaimed Doc Zone series The 8th Fire and for Love, Hate, and Propaganda. His film Battle of the Bag won a Gemini award for Best Science, Technology, Nature, Environment, or Adventure Documentary Program. He has been a producer/director for CBC’s investigative journalism program Disclosure and for It’s A Living and Country Canada.

As an avid cyclist, he has had bicycles stolen from him in Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal. He now rides his motorcycle more often. His Gemini award keeps books upright on the windowsill of his home, an underground arts house he shares with a Canadian slam poetry champ.