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Crackberry’d: The Truth About Information Overload

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CBC – Doc Zone
(original air date: Nov 18, 2010)
Merit Entertainment Inc

The truth is we are all liars.

One thing is certain about human nature…we’re born talkers. Twelve billion text messages are sent worldwide, every day. Thirteen million Canadians use Facebook. But is all that access to technology making us happy?

Crackberry’d: The Truth About Information Overload explores how technology devices are affecting our lives and offers some simple solutions for managing computer and cell phone use. Featuring interviews with Liberal MP Justin Trudeau and Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomics, Grown Up Digital and more.

Also known as: Are We Digital Dummies?


In the Media

“This fascinating new film…offers a perspective on 21st-century technology that will be enlightening for most and alarming to some.” -Brad Oswald, The Winnipeg Free Press
“Provocative, fast-paced, funny and shocking.” -Western Today
"Director-writer Andy Blicq (The Secret World of Shoplifting) has done an exceptional job in marshaling the evidence, visiting the right experts and producing a blast at the technological revolution that is chock full of fascinating scenes.” – James Bawden, TV critic and blogger