44 min. Documentary

Turtle Beach

[International version: Nature’s Turtle Nursery]

Scientists explore the extraordinary mass nesting behaviour of the olive ridley sea turtle, and reveal the hidden world inside a turtle nest.

Locals call it the ‘arribada,’ or ‘arrival.’ The magical days and nights when tens of thousands of sea turtles come ashore in Costa Rica, to lay millions of eggs. In Turtle Beach, new discoveries abound, as Canadian naturalist and cameraman Hugo Kitching follows a team of international scientists on a groundbreaking expedition to uncover the mysteries of this rare phenomenon.

The star of the ‘arribada’ is the olive ridley sea turtle, the most abundant and least studied of the world’s seven sea turtle species. To learn more about this elusive creature, the team turns to new techonologies which allow them a close-up look at sea turtle behaviour.

In a world first, scientist Roldán Valverde uses infrared cameras to delve into the previously hidden world of a turtle nest. This unprecedented access allows us to follow the baby turtles on their incredible journey from embryo to hatchling to the day they finally emerge from the nest nest and take their first perilous steps to the sea.

By documenting these incredible events, Turtle Beach reveals the many ways that sea turtles must beat the odds in order to survive. For Hugo, who is there to film both the arribada and the emergence of the hatchlings, it’s an amazing experience. One that inspires a whole new appreciation for the strength and endurance of these extraordinary creatures.