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Founded 25 years ago by industry veteran Merit Jensen Carr, Merit Motion Pictures (MMP) leads the field in multi-platform, factual entertainment in Canada. A sought-after co-producer on the national and international scene, our productions have won critical acclaim abroad and achieved among the highest audience ratings in Canada. A regular and valued co-producer for CBC’s human interest and science/nature documentary strands, Doc Zone and The Nature of Things, Merit Motion Pictures is renowned for its seasoned production team, world-class crews, convivial atmosphere and access to the best tax credit programs in Canada. The company has collaborated with broadcasters as diverse as ZDF/ARTE, CBC, CTV, Shaw, National Geographic International, PBS, The Science Channel and Super Channel.



Whether exploring the deep sea, the psychology of cheaters, the behaviour of plants or the brains of teenagers, our goal is to entertain, inspire and inform with amazing stories that challenge audiences to see themselves and the world in a new way. Specializing in human interest and science/nature feature documentaries, series and one-offs, innovative visual storytelling is our stock and trade.



MMP Nature Documentary, “Smarty Plants: The Secret World of Plant Behaviour” won Best Direction in a Documentary at the Canadian Screen Award and garnered two more nominations, including best science and nature film and best Sound in Documentary, and screened on PBS Nature in April 2013.

MMP Feature Documentary, “TuTuMuch,” screened in Cineplex Odeon theatres across Canada and around the world.

MMP Human Interest Documentary, “The Secret World of Shoplifting” achieved the highest audience ratings in the history CBC’s Doc Zone.

MMP Website for the 4X one-hour series, “One Ocean,” won first place at The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival for best interactive/new media production.

Project length  year primary broadcaster co-producer
10 Trees that Can Save the World 90 2015 Super Channel Edgeland Films
10 Trees DM digital media 2015 Super Channel Edgeland Films
Peace, Love, Napalm and Whiskey: How America’s Decade in Vietnam Changed Canada 60 2015 CBC – Doc Zone
Slaves to Habit 60 2014 CBC – Doc Zone
The Mating Game 60 2014 CBC – The Nature of Things
Faking the Grade (USA: Classrom Cheaters) 60 2013 CBC – Doc Zone
Ticked Off! The Medical Mystery of Lyme Disease 60 2013 CBC – The Nature of Things
Special Ed 90 2013 Super Channel
Conspiracy Rising 60 2012 CBC – Doc Zone
Surviving:) The Teenage Brain 60 2012 CBC – The Nature of Things
Smarty Plants (USA: What Plants Talk About) 60 2012 CBC – The Nature of Things
Vixens and Virgins and Other Mythological Creatures 60 2012 Bell Media Thinking Out Loud Productions
Are We Digital Dummies? (Int’l: Crackberry’d: The Truth About Information Overload) 60 2010 CBC – Doc Zone
One Ocean Interactive digital media 2010 CBC – The Nature of Things Tactica Interactive
One Ocean – Mysteries of the Deep 120 2010 CBC – The Nature of Things
TuTuMUCH 90 2010 Super Channel Von Helmolt Films
One Ocean – The Changing Sea 60 2010 CBC – The Nature of Things
The Secret World of Shoplifting 60 2009 CBC – Doc Zone
Ballet High 90 2009 Bravo! Von Helmolt Films
The Truth About Liars 60 2008 CBC – Doc Zone
The Science of the Senses – Hearing 90 2008 CBC – The Nature of Things
The Science of the Senses – Touch 90 2008 CBC – The Nature of Things
Recreating Eden – Season 5 390 2008 Vision
40 Years of One Night Stands 60 2008 Bravo! Inside Out Productions
41 Years of One Night Stands 90 2008 theatrical Inside Out Productions
Sabrina’s Law 60 2007 Global Lank Beach Productions
Recreating Eden – Season 4 390 2007 Vision
Ballet Girls (3 episodes) 180 2006 Bravo! Von Helmolt Films
Recreating Eden – Season 3 390 2006 Vision
Recreating Eden – Season 2 390 2005 HGTV
Haunts of the Black Masseur 60 2004 ZDF and TVO Edgeland Films
Recreating Eden – Season 1 390 2004 HGTV
Drug Deals 60 2000 CBC – The Nature of Things National Film Board of Canada
The Pill 60 1999 CBC – The Nature of Things National Film Board of Canad
Smudge 30 1997 TNT
Asking Different Questions: Women and Science 60 1996 Discovery Canada
The Mayor of Odessa 30 1994 CBC drama Riverain Productions
By Woman’s Hand 60 1993 Vision TV
Niagara Falls 30 1992 CBC drama West End Productions
The Amazing Creation of Al Simmons* 30 1986 CBC Manitoba

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