General Manager

Alexa Rosentreter


Alexa Rosentreter is the General Manager and Interactive Producer at Merit Motion Pictures (MMP). In 2010 she produced MMP’s interactive project, One Ocean Interactive (co-produced by Tactica Interactive), a first for both Alexa and MMP, which was critically acclaimed and won prestigious awards aplenty. Alexa started working with MMP as a Production Manager in 2004 for the documentary three-part series Ballet Girls, which catapulted her into the 13 episode gardening biography series Recreating Eden season 5, and two more one hour programs.

With a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University, a MBA from Rollins College/ Crummer Graduate School of Business, and having spent six years managing the film and tax credit programs at the provincial funding agency, Manitoba Film & Sound (MF&S), Alexa is the perfect fit to be in charge of it all. She’s not afraid to crack the whip, she has streamlined and organized MMP in a way that no one else could and still keep it fun.

When not thinking about building online communities, Alexa is passionate about spending time with her husband and three young children at home in the North End of Winnipeg, building a local community.